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Golf Enclosures IP41        
Suitable for Modular Din Rail Mounting Devices      
Made in EU        
FLUSH MOUNTING:    (With Transparent Door)      
VF08TB 1 Row,    8 Modules      
VF12TB 1 Row,  12 Modules      
VF24TB 2 Rows, 24 Modules      
VF36TB 3 Rows, 36 Modules      
Flush type Enclosures are supplied with separate back box for mounting during Wall Construction; 
Din Rails are on door frame so that it can be pre-wired in workshop.    
SURFACE MOUNTING:  (With Transparent Door)      
VS08TA 1 Row,    8 Modules      
VS12TA 1 Row,  12 Modules      
VS24TA 2 Rows, 24 Modules      
VS36TA 3 Rows, 36 Modules      
KEY LOCK:        
Above Enclosures on supplied complete with earth & neutral terminals.    
Above Enclosures are with reversible transparent doors with 1800C or more opening.  
Re-usable packing box. Can be used for protecting flush mounting part as well as door frame from building materials.
Cable entry is possible for flush type enclosures from sides, top and bottom.    
Earth & Neutral terminal bar can be fixed either on the door frame or in the back box.  
Latual stop on DIN Rails facilitates the positioning of the first modular devices.    
Above Enclosures on supplied without components.      
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